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Leeds Radio 68 North 7th Street Brooklyn NY 11249 tel: 718 963-1764

page updated 04/22/2013
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Here are some links to our friends.
If you have a site that you would like us to list, email us the link and
we'll have a look.

Mike Peebles website
will take you on a trip into the world of crystal radio. He also has a website
devoted to crystal radio kits and literature.

Dave Schmarder also has a beautiful site dedicated to crystal radio that's packed with photos.

An interesting article about Radio Row in Antique Radio Classified that mentions Leeds. 
Our friend & neighbor in Brooklyn, Josh at Protocaster Guitars, maker of fine vintage-inspired prototype guitars. 

Jahn Hall & Kurt Uhlendorf's BKLYN Dry Goods is born &
bred by insatiable curiosity & a love of vintage

Another friend right next door is Artists and Fleas. Open Saturdays and Sundays. Lots of great vendors and a great space.

Our friends Alex & Lavinia at The 78 Project. One of a kind direct-to-disk 78 records cut on a vintage Preston lathe.